Soapy massage for him, hes gonna get all soaped up like a sexy bitch.

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Incredibly horny. A hot chick is going to give her man an amazing soapy massage that will leave him feeling squeaky clean. Lotion until he can barely stand it anymore. She will use every inch of her body to rub his muscles down with soap. Balls before giving them both a good lick. When she notices how turned on he is getting, she decides to take things to the next level by slipping some oil over his cock. As she sucks his dick hard while stroking it with one hand, she uses the other to smear the oil all over his body, making sure to pay extra attention to his ass cheeks. Fucks him harder than ever before as they both enjoy the feel of the warm water hitting their bodies. Lubed up, she rams her fingers inside of him. Once he is nice. They eventually switch positions, with her sitting on his face as he eats her out from behind while still holding onto her hips tightly. The intensity builds as they move into missionary position, with him entering her doggie style while she holds onto the shower head for support. Over again, pounding her wet pussy with everything he is got until they both reach explosive orgasms at the same time. He slams into her over. .

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